Our video, A Humpback Whale Mosaic, will transport you into the fantastic underwater realm of these great creatures of the sea.

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Some believe the knowledge of the whales is of another world.  Being in close proximity to a mother whale and her calf will transport you into this world and leave you thinking about the many worlds we know little about.  The whales are very large of course, but the positive impact they have on humans is of unbelievable importance and is brought to the forefront of our minds once we have our first face-to-face interaction with a cooperative humpback whale in the wild.

Spending as much time as I have in the same neighborhood as the humpback whales has given me a unique opportunity to contribute something very special to fellow nature enthusiasts.  I feel I have been blessed with the opportunity to give people the chance to have an experience with the whales that will possibly change their lives.  The whales provide the avenue to spark in each of us an acknowledgement of the extreme importance of cooperating with all creatures both great and small. 

A Humpback Whale Mosaic is both a vivid glimpse of the wonders of the humpback whales and a soothing mix of beautiful songs.  This video provides a glimpse into the seldom seen and rarely experienced underwater world we share with the whales on this planet, and will help to transport you into their realm. 

Continue your adventure with a copy of A Humpback Whale Mosaic  video today!  We provide this video experience on VHS tape and DVD disc for $18.00 U.S. (includes shipping)  The DVD also includes our very popular A Visual Dolphin Meditation video production.  Simply select the order link below or contact us by email and we will provide you with the many purchase options available. 


A special thanks to composer Lee Johnson for some of the wonderful music included on this video.


Visualdolphin Productions has been working hard over the past 5 years collecting underwater video footage of humpback whales in the remote waters 80 nautical miles north of the Dominican Republic.  We have spent over a years worth of time interacting with the whales of the Silver Bank and truly believe everyone should have the chance to swim in close proximity to these gracious mammals.

Over the years, many videos of humpback whale encounters have been provided to the guests of organized whale swim encounters so that the swimmers could re-live the wonderfully exciting moments they spent in the world of the humpback whales.  Our wonderful nature video, A Humpback Whale Mosaic, is an artistic collection of some of the greatest encounters with whales we have captured on video to provide everyone with a chance to experience the thrill of this wonderful behavior in the comfort of their own home.   

These humpback whale encounters have been conducted with the greatest respect and understanding of the motivations and increasing pressures generated by the eco-tourist oriented industries growing in the areas frequented by humpback whales.  We are very proud of the fact that anyone who views this video will understand the motivation of our swimmers and film crew to protect the whale environment, to minimize the chance that the whales natural behavior was effected and that the sustainability of this natural resource was given the highest priority.