I have a passion for light, and the forms light dictates move me more than mere subject matter.  It's like listening to the music of a song before you hear the words.  Sometimes my images are abstract, sometimes not, but always light and form reveal more about the subject than merely what it is.

The ocean, with its fabulous and diverse firms: is the most important part of my passion for light.  Marine mammals are so important to my work because I feel a love for them and a spiritual connection I don't really understand -- yet.  Therefore, for me, I have found the most rewarding form of myself expression in my work with marine mammals.

For me, art must be honest.  When a work becomes contrived it ceases to reflect the passionate insight of the artist, and therefore has no value.

It is my desire that you share with me these insights into the beauty of the ocean, and have insights of your own.  Find my passion for this ocean light and make it your own.

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