Visualdolphin Productions is offering these very rare audio cd's containing a full hour of humpback whale songs recorded while swimming with humpback whales in the wild.

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Along with the wondrous humpback whale and wild dolphin video products offered by Visualdolphin Productions, our audio recordings provide an ethereal escape into the underwater world of the humpback whales.  By far our most popular items, the recordings of the song of the humpback whales will transport you into the depths and echo the whales mysterious songs for you to hear whenever you are in the mood to escape. Many commercially produced whale song recordings are available, but few have neither musical scores or human vocal narratives to distract the listener from the majestic underwater vocal range of a singing humpback whale. When you listen to our recordings of the whales, all you will hear is the whales song and you'll think you are floating motionless in the warm tropical waters inhabited by some of the greatest singers in all the depths of the oceans.

Volume One and Volume Two of "THE SONG OF THE HUMPBACK WHALE" are available on audio cd and can be enjoyed everywhere you desire to bring their song into your life. Our recording utilizes a sophisticated hydrophone array to accurately reproduce the mysterious depth and complexity of the whale song. The original song was recorded onto digital tape then digitally edited and mastered onto audio cd for the highest reproduction of the natural sound environment available.  I can tell you from my own experience that what you hear on the audio cd recording is exactly what your ears would hear if you where in the water at the very moment these recordings were made.

These cd-rom recordings of the songs of humpback whales are available for purchase directly from Visualdolphin Productions.  To find out how you can get your very own copies, please contact us by email or select the order link below to place an order today!



The Song of the Humpback Whale Volume 1 and Volume 2 recordings are available for only $12.00 each  (includes shipping)

Your cd-rom will be mailed to you via US MAIL.


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This MP3 recording of the humpback whale song is about 10MB, so expect a long download time.