This is an overview of a plot from my computer nav system.  Notice Puerto Plata on the bottom left of the map.

The Silver Bank is the area northeast of Puerto Plata shaded in blue.  The darker areas represent dangerous coral reefs.

To travel to the Silver Bank, head 044 deg for approximately 75 nm to the following lat/lon  20 45.465  69 48.225 


Approximately 12.6 nm from that first waypoint, you will run up into 90 to 100 ft water, you should see this on the 

depth sounder in your boat or notice a change in color of the water.  This is a good reference to check your navigation.



The dark blue areas represent coral heads I plotted using the gps on my boat.  I would use the chart plotter to navigate

up into the coral heads on days when the visibility was bad.  You can see the icon for the wreck in the upper right.

this photo is taken of the wreck from the approximate location of our moorings.  You can see the slick area

in the foreground is the top of a coral head.  You can also see the shallow areas on the other side of the wreck

where the coral reefs come almost to the surface, above the surface at low tides sometimes.

above is a photo of the area just before a bad cold front moved through, just know that when

you are out on the Silver Bank, you are a long way from help and assistance......  

Be very prepared and be very careful!